Odontology – Our Services

What kinds of dental care are we offering to our patients?

  • Dental consultation, also nonbinding
  • Prevention and prophylaxis for children and adults
  • Aesthetic dentistry and aesthetic dental prothesis
  • Root canal therapy endodontia, also risky cases
  • Paradontosetherapies, also minimal-invasive (VEKTOR)
  • Dental implant, also implant prosthodontics (certified specialist field)
  • Oral surgery (also laserbased)
  • Holistic and biological odontology (PROGNOS-Therapy)
  • Amalgam-restoration and amalgam-rejection
  • Pediatric Odontology
  • Orthodontics
  • Hypnosis
  • Teeth- and mandibleregulation, jawjointdiseases
  • Therapies for risk- and phobic patients
  • Cerec 3D
  • OP Microscope

All therapies are also possible with general anesthesia.