Our dental surgery cooperates with the alternative practitioner Rita Sauter. This page provides information about Prognos diagnosis and Bioreconance-Therapy.

Prognos – What is Prognos?

Prognos is a diagnosis-system that is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and electro-acupuncture (EAV).

The energetic condition of the respective meridian is measured at 24 points on hands (12) and feet (12). The measured data is used for diagnoses and suggestions for therapies.

The outcomes are based on the analysis of more than 12 million measured cases. The measured data is immediately reproducible and provides holistic information about the energetic status of meridians and organs.

Energydeficits, –excesses and –blockades can be diagnosed immediately. This enables the initiation of respective therapies before diseases arise.

Moreover, it is possible to directly control the success of a therapy through measurements before and after the therapies.
When does Prognos help?

  • Prevention through the achievement of an energetic balance and a vital check of the organism
  • Testing for chronic diseases
  • Detection of inference fields (fungi, electric smog, geopathy etc.)
  • Testing for intolerances of materials
  • Testing for heavy metal- and amalgampressure as well as rejection controls
  • Testing for comestible goods, vitamins, mineral nutrients and dietary supplements
  • Testing for affections of parasites, worms, fungi, bacilli, viruses

Hence, this is a real preventive medicine and the gentlest way to prevent from diseases or to detect and treat the underlying cause of chronic pressures.
Diagnosis and Therapy with Prognos
Dear Patient,

you are interested in the new Prognos-System. This system enables to obtain an immediate overview of the actual health condition through reproducible measurements at acupuncture points. Additionally, the system detects weak points of the organism and predispositions for diseases.

Moreover, the extent of the pressure caused by amalgam or dead teeth can be measured through the system. Besides, intolerances against materials can be tested.

Applied in practice, this system provides the possibility to start with therapies before symptoms or ailments arise. Hence, bad materials or improper substances and medicaments are detected and its use is prevented.

This system enables real preventive medicine. Diagnosis and treatments are not covered by health insurances (with some exceptions).

Bioresonance-Therapy (BRT)

The Bioresonance-Therapy is an energetic method. It therapeutically uses energies of the body’s own oscillations. As proven by biophysics, chemical and physiological body cycles are regulated by an electric field that encases and interfuses the entire body.

The German doctor Dr. F. Morell applied this knowledge and developed a therapy approach that uses the energetic level of the body and works with it. In contrary to medicaments, this approach does not intervene in the chemical cycles of the body. A machine was developed that records the higher-level energy oscillations and that generates individual therapy signals. Since oscillations contain both healthy (physiological) and pathogenic (pathologic) frequencies, a filter separates both types of oscillations.

This introduces the possibility of specific therapies, depletion or the erasure of pathogenic frequencies.

Pathogenic frequencies arise from not healed diseases, toxic pressures, viruses, etc.

Hence, the therapy enables the elimination of interfering fields and the strengthening of self-healing powers. Consequently, the body’s own system (immune system) can start with decontaminate and healing processes.

The Bioresonance-Therapy offers various methods within odontology. It is not able to and does not want to replace dentistry. However, it provides an efficient and very gentle extension and support for dentistry. Subsequently, various possible applications of the Bioresonance-Therapy are listed.
Surgery and Implantology

  • Treatment before and after the therapy
  • Prevention of wound healing disturbances
  • Reduction of intolerances against anaesthetics and medicaments

Preventative Therapy

  • Testing of materials
  • Testing for intolerances against filling materials
  • Reduction of hypersensitivity after grinding or restorations


  • Testing for intolerances against dental materials
  • Measurement of electricity and tension in the mouth
  • Reduction of irritation after grindings
  • Insertion of bridges and coronas
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Improvement of local defense mechanisms in the oral cavity
  • Therapy of infectious irritations of the oral mucosa
  • Acceleration and improvement of wound healing after PA-surgical treatments
  • Long-term success through an inducement of the metabolism and immune system


  • Long-term success through an inducement of the metabolism and immune system
  • Therapies of comestible goods allergies
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Pollen-allergy
  • Chronic eczema

The main objective of the Bioresonance-Therapy is the activation of the body’s own regulation powers and the release of disruptive, pathological influences in order to enable fast recovery.