Our Dental Surgery

Subsequently, we provide information for our patients about our structure, the organization and the service spectrum.

A sophisticated scheduling system for your personal needs.


A) Routine-Appointment with your “Personal Dentist”

Your semi-annual appointments are scheduled through the registration at your ‘‘personal dentist’’. Early scheduling ensures that your individual wishes are fulfilled.

In case of required treatments that exceed preventative actions, your ‘‘personal dentist’’ is your contact person for any issue regarding your teeth and oral health. He consults you, decides, together with you, further treatment steps and coordinates, if necessary, further appointments at specialist colleagues for you that complement your therapy at their specialist field. Hence, everything remains under one roof. However, you benefit from the know-how of various specialist dentists.


B) Appointments at Short Notice in Case of Urgent Circumstances

We offer two outpatient times for these unpredictable situations daily. The ‘‘dentist in charge’’ on the specific day will care for you and eliminate the pain. He also coordinates further appointments if necessary. This ensures your medical care also in cases of emergency. This is also offered on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and if necessary on Saturdays.

We give best efforts with our scheduling system. However, occasionally reschedulings, shortages and longer waiting times can occur. This is due to the fact that human beings are not DIN-scaled instruments, but real people of flesh and blood. Consequently, it is not possible to forecast the time consumption of each medical treatment or, in particular, of the detailed medical counseling interviews exactly. It is well known that every patient benefits from our ‘‘philosophy of work without time pressure’’ at least once. Hence, we warmly thank you for your understanding.